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Five reasons why you should address cross-cultural shortcomings sooner

Researchers point out that cross-cultural shortcomings are a major reason for failure in international business. The development of cross-cultural competencies, therefore, deserves the attention of those who want to achieve positive commercial outcomes in the international arena. If you are considering taking your business into a new global market, building cross-cultural competency in that region […]

How translators and marketers can work together to sell your products internationally

A new buzz word is born In the mid 20th century, many translation theories were brewing around the world, and Brazilian translator and poet Haroldo Campos added his theory and neologism, transcriaÇão (transcreation), to the author-oriented versus audience-oriented debate. Decades later, in her book “Puentes sobre el mundo” (Bridges over the world), Dora Sales Salvador […]

BONUS: Translating social media into Spanish

Why translate your literature for social media In a previous post, I wrote about reusing and recycling your already translated literature. Likewise, your company’s current copies can be translated for a Spanish-speaking audience. Social media is changing consumers’ behavior, and it offers fantastic opportunities for small-medium companies to showcase their products and services, at the […]