Native Spanish full-time translator with broad experience in the translations of online and print publications with technical and scientific translation experience in the fields of tourism, hospitality, leisure, food and drinks; peace, non-violence, humanism and non-discrimination; green employment; psychology; sociology; business, management and human resources.

International (neutral) and (Argentine) Spanish variants.
British and American English.


Articles, travel books, guide books, brochure, welcome packages and menus. Essays, reports and research papers. Short stories, historical fiction novels, non-fiction books. Institutional films and promotional literature for trade shows and product packaging; catalogs, product lists and labels. Personal, academic, commercial and import/export documents and communications. Website content, software interface and user’s manual.


National Geographic Traveler Magazine (Mexico) - Published Work

Inspire people to care about cultures around the planet by translating articles on tourism, hospitality, food and drinks, and by meeting editorial deadlines. Published on the June 2013 Spanish (Mexico) issue. (International Press Agency)- Published Works

Raised public awareness about peace, non-violence, humanism and non-discrimination by translating a number of articles for online publication. Few examples: ST: World March encounter at the mouth of the Bosphorus ; TT: El encuentro de la Marcha Mundial en la desembocadura del Bósforo ; ST: March of America ; TT: Marcha por Estados Unidos

The World March for Peace and Non-Violence Book - Published Work

Created global awareness of the urgent need to condemn of all forms of violence by translating a book of chronicles of the march around the world. Praised for accuracy and professionalism. The book was sent to President Obama as a present: Gift to Obama: Silo’s words and the book of the World March for Peace and Non-violence

Holiday Inn Santa Fe

Promoted local hospitality by translating and proofreading a number of web-pages about the hotel services, meetings and events facilities, leisure and gastronomy.

Luján Ábrigo

Helped build a thesis for publication by translating fragments of a journal and a book on Psychology.

Liliana Silber

Promoted labor rights and encouraged decent ‘green’ employment by translating the article “Supporting a just transition: The role of international labour standards” for publication in the International Journal of Labour Research, 2010 Vol. 2, Issue 2.

Gear Translations LatAm

Collaborated with PMs to ensure on-time delivery and quality for the translation of an essay on Sociology.

Verbs&Co. Dictionary, John Benjamins Publishing House (2014?)

Compiled and translated a number of verbs and appropriate usage examples into English. Praised for being detail-oriented and for paying attention to cultural subtleties.

Verbo Translations

Helped PMs provide tailored top quality language services by translating a technical-descriptive material and field-type work on the Role of a Military Attorney in Crisis Operations.

Aquatic Informatics Inc

Helped the company provide innovation for its leading software solutions by translating a water monitoring software interface and user’s manual.

100x100 Arquitectura

Made the television studio’s website available in English for Art and Architecture promotion overseas.



Mayors for Peace

Raised international public awareness on the need to abolish nuclear weapons and contributed to making the board’s documents available in Spanish by translating and proofreading minutes and reports. Earned a letter of appreciation and a present from Mayor of Hiroshima Matsui Kazumi.

Virtual and Co.

Provided investment assistance by translating and proofreading a plan for a business development.

Gear Translations LatAm

Collaborated with PMs to ensure on-time delivery and quality for the translation of a number of video-recorded conferences on Business Management and transcription for subtitling.

IMARA Foundation of Aid and Risk Management

Made resources available for the organization by translating and proofreading a field-work guide, a cloud-based software interface, a legal status resolution, the organization’s CEO biography, and an editorial for publication.

Certified translations of official documents

 Help individuals and companies pursue their careers and business objectives, locally as well as internationally, by translating and proofreading personal, academic and commercial documents.



Spanish language - native level - 100%
English language - advanced level - 95%
MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) - 85%
Subtitle Workshop - 75%
SDL Trados, TM creation, Multiterm file conversion - 75 %
detail-oriented, organized and excellent at following client’s specifications - 100%


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