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Online language solutions. Editorial directors, executive managers, research and development program directors, project coordinators, filmmaking production managers, and individuals too, will enjoy the results of well-thought-out English-Spanish language strategies—translation, subtitling, localization—that help them carry out their goals with confidence and success.

Translation artistry, cultural expertise and full commitment. Multimedia content needs someone who understands the message accurately and knows how to make it work for the Latin-American Spanish-speaking audience.

You will always have plenty of business opportunities. Your investment in language solutions lets you sell and/or reuse and recycle them over and over again. What's your ROI? Plenty of business opportunities from a small investment.


Invest just once in translating your content for print or digital publishing and have it available endlessly.


Subtitle your videos without losing the native sound while reaching your audience faster.


Enhance customer experience and let them keep up with tech advances by taking user-friendly decisions, such as translating help content.


Facilitate visitors’ linguistic experience, speed up their buying decisions and improve retention levels by taking care of consumers’ language needs.


areas of specialization


short fiction
historical fiction
crime fiction

Humanities and Social Sciences

Social Anthropology
Political Philosophy
Forensic Psychology
Criminal Law

Research and Development in Business

International Trade
Market Research
Food Safety

Tourism and Hospitality


types of texts

short story, novel, tale, documentary, TV show, script, conference, book review, monograph, handbook, textbook, essay, abstract, research paper, publication, review article, case study, report, academic and personal document, survey, interview, instruction manual, brochure, catalog, menu, guide, business plan, franchising manual, staff notices, minutes, HR communications and employee manuals, press release, import-export documents, power of attorney, contract, inmates’ phone calls.

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Improve time-to-profitability

by speeding up the decision-making process. 75% of people around the world prefer communications in their own language. If you are already pushing your efforts to grab consumers’ attention for your products or services, why not helping them clearly understand your message in their native tongue?

Enhace clients' loyalty

by building a long-standing brand reputation. When you engage with consumers’ core values, they will show their goodwill and buy your brand. If you are already concerned with their needs and provide them with a nice smooth experience, why not care about their language preferences as well?

Gain competitive edge

by avoiding intercultural blunders in the process. When tasks are rushed and everyone is pressed by deadlines, people tend to believe that language and culture are not that important. By the time you realize how relevant they are, it is too late. So, why not consulting a Spanish language specialist sooner?

more strategies

Increase impact on your readers with English<>Spanish revised translations. This will enhance the linguistic quality of your texts by means of a comparative analysis in search of segments left untranslated, interpreting mistakes, term consistency, grammar and spelling mistakes, missing punctuation marks, proper sentence structure, verb tense consistency and correction of redundancies and repetitions.

Improve the readability and style of your texts originally written in the Spanish language by an in-depth analysis searching for term consistency, grammar and spelling mistakes, missing punctuation marks, proper sentence structure, verb tense consistency and correction of redundancies and repetitions.

Submit your official documentation signed and stamped by a sworn translator. Certified translations (traducciones públicas) of official documents require the signature and stamp of a licensed translator in order to become a legally bind document ready to be submitted before domestic or overseas authorities. In Argentina, this is a practice regulated by Colegio de Traductores based all over the country, and internationally accredited by the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs And Worship .

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“Sandra Cravero is an excellent professional as well as an exceptional translator capable of doing an impeccable job. She is a reliable person who is always mindful and responsible for deadlines. Sandra does not mind to go for the extra mile to provide a quality work. She is highly recommended for anyone seeking outstanding quality.”

Mary Tomasso, CEO,

Virtual & Co.

“Sandra helped me with a major translation project last year. It consisted of completing a full Spanish translation of a technical Water Monitoring and Analysis software interface and user’s manual, developed by Aquatic Informatics in Vancouver, Canada. The content was highly specific and the task required extreme attention to detail, which she excelled at. Even though Sandra was not an expert in the field, she did an outstanding job researching terminology and finding the most appropriate translation for many of the more challenging terms. She put in long hours and committed many of her weekends to get this job done, which I am grateful for. She was a huge help and a great translation partner. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.”

Javier Hernández,

Water Resources Engineer

“Sandra Cravero has collaborated as an English-Spanish translator of our book World March for Peace and Non-violence, published in Spain. This project consists of a bilingual publication of 400 pages, which compiles the activities of the March around the world. Sandra Cravero showed a great sense of responsibility and professionalism delivering the results in time on every occasion, and her work was of great quality, proving an outstanding academic background.”

Rafael de la Rubia,

Coordinating Editor

I am writing to express my own gratitude and the gratitude of the entire Mayors for Peace organization for the great help you contributed to making our documents available in Spanish. You went above and beyond the call of duty to help with the crucial task of translation. As an international organization, we are unable to function without translation services.”

Matsui Kazumi, Mayor of Hiroshima,

President of Mayors for Peace

“I highly recommend Sandra Cravero as an English-Spanish Translator/Transcriber. Sandra has collaborated with me in a Transcription project that I coordinated and she was always an efficient and hard-worker. I was always extremely satisfied with her works.”

Esperanza Fernández,


“Thank you so much! It’s always a pleasure to work with you!”

Vilma Gaitán,



+54 342 5807962

Mariano Comas 2935 P. 1, D. A,
3000 Santa Fe, Argentina