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I believe that when you want to capture your clients’ confidence in your product or service, you will care about their needs. Right? Targeting prospects in their own language increases the chances of achieving your goals and objectives, as well as building a long-standing reputation. How are you addressing the Hispanic communities? Is it working for you?

I usually work with people struggling with their international communications. I help my clients polish their messages by translating cultural concepts and proofreading mistakes, which eventually become an obstacle to achieve their goals.

My focus is on assisting clients in the Travel & Tourism, Meetings & Exhibitions, and Publishing industries to address effectively the Hispanic communities, employing proper standards of readability and delivering smooth, pleasant-to-read translated communications in the Spanish language, international (neutral) and local (Argentine) variants.

Below, you will find a few reasons that will help you qualify the value and impact of translations. Follow the links and see what industry experts say.

Pleasant-to-Read Translations:

Leverage my expertise in the linguistic twists and cultural subtleties to your advantage. Jump ahead your competition by walking confidently into the Hispanic marketplace. Is this something that you are concerned about?

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Sandra Cravero | English-Spanish Translation Artistry and Business Mindset